2 Free In Home Visits

If the situation arises, we can have a fully trained professional in your home within hours of your call.

10 Free Remote Supports

Often times we can fix your issues by remoting to your machine across the internet, which can be done immediately to save you time, money and hassle!

Unlimited Phone Support

Call, text or email out hotline as much as you need to help get your issues resolved. We have in depth knowledge of Apple, Windows, Linux, Android and all other major platforms!

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Support Features

Hardware Support

Whether you're building a new computer from scratch, or need assistance with the internal hardware of an existing computer, we can help every step of the way

Wireless Networking

WiFi can be taken miles further than what most people assume. We can help repair, create and extend ridiculously fast WiFi networks like you've never seen before

Find Virus & Spyware

Let us make sure your computer is virus and spyware free by using our deep scan systems so you can rest assured your identity, files and sensitive information is secure

Gaming Systems

We love hardcore gaming and would love to help you create your dream system. We both optimize PC and console players to make sure your game is played the way it was intended to

Cameras & Conference

DSRL cameras, video cameras, web cams, video streaming, conference systems and everything in between is fully covered in our support packages.

Enhance Your View

We'll setup your Tv, monitor and projector to make sure it's being used to the most of it's ability so your view is as beautiful as your deserve it to be

Sound Systems

One of the most under appreciated or overlooked addons to your entertainment system can be the sound system. We're happy to help make sure your sound system sounds brilliant

Rest Easy

Knowing you can simply pick up the phone and immediately have a trained professional fixing your problems, allows you the rest and easy mindedness that only comes from knowing you're well taken care of

Easy meets functionality

You're Well Taken Care Of

We Do Things Differently

A Year Of Support, Costs Less Than A Single Support Call

Traditional tech support companies will charge you $300+ to send a technician to your home for 2 hours to fix your computer. We do things very differently, and for the same price will cover all the devices in your home for the entire year.

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Instant Support Capabilties

Remote Support Has Never Been Easier Or More Effective

So long as your computer, smart phone or tablet is connected to the internet, we can instantly connect to it from our headquarters to repair, install or diagnose 95% of the issues you may have.

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Remote Support Session

For up to 3 hours we can remotely connect to your computer to fix or setup anything you may need us to, including computers, smart devices or network equipment

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Home Support Session

Got a problem that needs a personal touch? Schedule a technician to come out to your home to get it fixed in the next 24 hours!

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Yearly Support Package

Now instead of purchasing a one time fix up from a traditional support company, you can purchase our yearly support package and recieve support for an entire 365 days to keep your home devices fully covered at the top of a hat and for no extra charges.

2 In Home Support Sessions

10 Remote Support Sessions

Unlimited Phone, Text & Email Support

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Premium Yearly Support Package

Similar to the regular yearly support package, except upgraded with even more support both in home and remotely. Rest assured knowing you'll always have nough support to handle any and every problem you could ever have with your computers, phones and devices at home.

4 In Home Support Sessions

15 Remote Support Sessions

Unlimited Phone, Text & Email Support

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What our clients say

Support Lynk saved my stuff when I thought all was lost. A virus had hit my entire office hard, and they not only saved our data, but had a tech our to our location ( in the middle of nowhere ) within an hour and now keep us protected 365!

Alice Patrice / Web Designer

I keep these guys on my support call list just in case anything ever happens to me at work, and it does frequently. Best money I could have spent on my computer!

Jasmin Joshph / Front end

Matt always has the answers to my questions. Not a week goes by that I dont need to call them, and because I'm on the year support it never costs an extra dime! Best PC support service ever!

Sweta Silva / Back end

In today's day and age, if you dont have a support company for your business, you're doing it wrong. These guys are BY FAR the least expensive and I can never figure out why, because they are also the best and offer the most support!

Richard Patel / Admin Assistant

The big box store couldn't help me when I deleted a ton of important files, but SupportLynk could! They also host a server for me to host all my important documents on! Lifesavers!

Debbie Penny / Reception

For the price of what you get, these guys are the ones to beat. They offer my entire companies computers and network support for a whole year what it would cost to get the next best to come out for a day. That's a hands down no brainer and I would recommend them to ANYONE!

Bobby Silver/ Construction

Same Day Services & Year Long Service Packs

Pricing Plans

Remote Support


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  • Instant Support
  • Inexpensive Options
  • Protection For Your PC
  • Simple Connection Process
  • Free Diagnostic
  • Flat Price Regardless Of Time

Year Support Plan


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  • Home Visits 2 Included Free
  • Remote Support 20 included Free
  • 24 Hour Dispatch Times
  • Easy Contact System Included
  • Virus & Spyware Software Included
  • Save Money Every Use

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Get Support Today!

Whether you need support just once, or across the whole year we're happy to help you with anything you could possibly need. Simply give us a call and we can have a technician connected or on his way to your home or business in just a few hours! Our expertise and speedy response time coupled with the lowest prices make this a no brainer! Get your devices secures and taken care of today!

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